The American Civil War 150th Anniversary – A brief hiatus (a couple weeks)

It’s hot here – not Oklahoma-type heat, but in the upper 80s and lower 90s. There is no air conditioning and I’m up on the top floor right under the attic – it’s in the 90s to 100s inside the apartment most days here (plus high humidity), and I work at home. Fans keep it livable, but it is all I can do to keep my “day job” going and work on Helium writing (I’ve accepted some Marketplace assignments).

Too bad I have to take a break in the series now – there was quite an uptick in activity starting this week. To keep in touch with events, be sure to check out some of the links in the side bar, as well as the list of sources below.

Also, as foreshadowing, below is a video posted last month at the “Thoughts, Essays and Musings on the Civil War” blog (see sidebar), called “A Summer Day at Antietam.” He says in the accompanying post, “Gettysburg is often crowded and it is surrounded by commercial, tourist-related development. Antietam, meanwhile, is quiet with no swarms of visitors and not a t-shirt shop or curio store in sight. As a result, one can walk the fields undisturbed, taking in the pastoral beauty, while pondering its deep underlying sense of human tragedy.”

That’s a good point.

Perhaps I just don’t want to deal with the tragedy in this heat. Everyone should study the Civil War closely – day by day close, that is. You end up admiring both sides, and hating them both. You wonder why they fought. Lots of stuff…everybody should look at this war closely. But I need to take a little break (which is something the original participants never got during the war, and for the South, not for a long while afterwards, either).

See you back in a couple of weeks!


(2)  Morgan’s Raiders and The L&N Railroad in the Civil War, by Dan Lee.

(3)  Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson

(4) The Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. N.B. Forrest, and of Forrest’s Cavalry by Thomas Jordan, J. P. Pryor

(5) The Lincoln Log timeline.

(6) Blue and Gray Timeline.

(7) Henry Halleck’s War: A Fresh Look at Lincoln’s Controversial General-In-Chief, by Curt Anders

(8) Grant Chronology, Mississippi State University.

(9)”The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government” (Vol. II), Jefferson Davis.

(10) Civil War Home’s “The Eastern Theater: 2nd Manassas, Antietam and Fredericksburg.

(11)  The Army of Northern Virginia in 1862, by William Allan (1892)

(12)  Conquest of the Lower Mississippi.

(13) Civil War Interactive.

(14) Chronology of the Second Manassas Campaign.

(15) A Year of Glory, July 1862.

(16) The Strategy of Robert E. Lee, by J. J. Bowen (1914).

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