Random thoughts: Belle Grove Plantation B&B, perhaps open in September 2012

Full disclosure – I hadn’t heard of Belle Grove until Virginia Plantations “liked” some of my Civil War posts. The news is well worth sharing with everybody!

I checked out the Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast blog, and was won over by this in their May 12th post:

We knew that we didn’t want just any house; it had to have some historic significance. We both love history and have always wanted to preserve it.

That is a wonderful outlook, both on life and in business.

This couple has decided to open a bed and breakfast in a historic Virginia mansion, the birthplace of James Madison. Per their blog, which documents the process, they have made the commitment, done the work and are hoping for an opening date in this coming September.

Beautiful Greek revival portico

Plantation side portico, Belle Grove Plantation (image is from Belle Grove blog).

Congratulations, and best wishes!

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  1. Thank you for sharing our adventure! We look forward to this journey and taking everyone along for the ride!

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