Random Thoughts: Robin Gibb health update and review of “Titanic Requiem”

Thankfully, Mr. Gibb has come out of his coma and is communicating with his family. Yay!

On April 15th, I did buy and listen to the Titanic Requiem that was written by Gibb and his son RJ and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the RSVP Voices Choir, with a vocal performance by Gibb on “Don’t Cry Alone.” It was an emotional purchase based on the news as well his song “Don’t Cry Alone,” but I’m glad I have the whole thing now. It is a good classical choral work through and through.

I went through online images of the Titanic while listening to it and recommend that approach, though you certainly don’t have to wait until the April 15th Titanic anniversary to do so.

For me, the evocative “Triumph (Shipbuilding),” “Maiden Voyage” and “New York” set a pleasant foundation for – after the traumatic and difficult central movements – the finale, “In Paradisum,” which is just how we all would wish it all ultimately turned out for those who suffered and/or died during the wreck and all those who were left behind with such loss.

“SOS (Tract)” is difficult to describe in words, but it presents that desperate cry for help, in the middle of the night, from the North Atlantic, exactly as I have always pictured it.

I don’t understand the insertion of “Christmas Day,” but it fits very well musically.

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