Writing update and a Helium contest this weekend

Ailanthus leaf scar

Gratuitous image of an Ailanthus leaf scar from my Flickr photostream.


As far as the novel goes, I am making a little progress but still struggling to get into it. It’s very hard to start for a number of reasons, and I won’t blame anyone if you don’t read the draft just yet.

Knowing this sort of stuff would happen occasionally, I did build in some gaps in the schedule and still plan on completion and publication at the end of May.

It’s weird – the beginning of a story is so crucial, and you spend so much time in shaping it just right, while at the same time priming the pump. Then it all comes out, and at the end you have to go back and revise everything you first wrote.

Shadows and light on the Mohawk

Another Flickr image of mine, unrelated to text: Shadows and light on the Mohawk

Helium contest on Haiti

Also, although I had put Helium writing on hiatus for the duration, they are running a contest on a topic I’m very interested in – Haiti after the earthquake – and so I will be doing research between now and the 17th and then writing to at least one of the five titles in the contest, whatever those may be.

If you like to write, check Helium out. It’s a good place to start if you have few publications and are mostly unknown (that’s me), and yet it’s also a fine venue if you have a lot of experience and are looking for a marketplace. Of course, I’m not at that point yet, but I was amazed to see Michael Totten’s name among the members.

Yes, Helium has quite a range to it. The only real requirement is a love of writing. It’s free to join, and no matter level you are at, just write your best, always; be open to learning from others; and you’ll get something out of it, including the possibility of maybe earning a little money (for nonfiction, anyway; they have a creative writing section, but that’s not the main focus of the site — its main emphasis, I believe, is Internet content). It’s amazing how inspirational just a few cents can be to a beginner, even in this day and age!

Water drops on grass in December 2011

Another Flickr image of mine: Water drops on grass in December 2011

(Note: I’ve changed my image copyright from CC-A to the traditional All rights reserved, including these and all others posted here from now on.)

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