Random thoughts: It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood!

Took a series of images from the middle of the Waterford Bridge that crosses the Mohawk and stitched them together just now (click image to get full effect).

Wide view Mohawk and Hudson river junction

Wide view Mohawk and Hudson river junction, looking east. November 21, 2011.

It doesn’t totally convey the wonderful sense of openness and fresh air you get out there…in the midst of a densely built-up urban area (the Capital Region). Also, you can’t see the seagulls very well – they hang out just below the dam (that dark line just below the middle of the image).

That’s actually all still the Mohawk. Everything in front of you, out there at water level, consists of islands, some populated (although you can also see some of the homes on the far shore, higher up near the skyline, which makes it a little confusing).

The Hudson is on the other side of those islands, not visible in this shot. The actual joining of waters is a bit further south (off to the right, out of this picture).

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