Something beautiful is happening in Mississippi

That beautiful something is this:  voters have two good choices for governor this week.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, MS.

I care deeply about the state but don’t live there just now and haven’t followed the issues in detail.   I like Governor Barbour’s (R) handling of things.  They have term limits there, but I figure Phil Bryant, his lieutenant governor, would do well by Mississippi.

Mayor Johnny DuPree, Hattiesburg, MS.

Mayor Johnny DuPree, Hattiesburg, MS.

That said, upon reading this article in Jackson’s Clarion-Ledger, “Gov. race hopefuls taking high road,” I recalled what a wonderful surprise it was to read the Democrat candidate’s statement, as quoted by the Biloxi Sun Herald in their endorsement of him, that “I’m not interested in raising taxes on anyone.”

He means it.  He’s been mayor of Hattiesburg for 10 years and never raised taxes.

Mr. DuPree’s life is really his best campaign asset, and while he is the underdog in this race, I think he’d be a good choice for governor, too.  He has a broad appeal, and it shows in spite of appearances (DuPree is black and Bryant is white):  In its recent summary of things, the Mississippi politics website Yall Politics mentions the possibility that DuPree will siphon off conservative votes from Bryant.

I think Yall Politics is probably right and Phil Bryant will be the next governor.  However, this particular race shows something beautiful happening in Mississippi:  people are being swayed by who the candidate is, not just by the platform or the skin color.

It’s part of the beauty that is America.

This race isn’t a case of Mississippians doing “the right thing” in spite of the past; it is just one more sign that America is healthy, has been all this time, and now is in the process of returning to what this country really is – the sum of us all.

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  1. I will have to support Phil Bryant unless Dupree makes a 180 on the United Nations Agenda 21. As Mayor he is shackling Hattiesburg to commitments he either doesn’t understand or he does not have Mississippi or America’s best interest in mind.
    Bryant is still learning but seems to be more open to hearing the public’s growing outcry against an international agency governing our local communities.

    • I looked it up – there is a U.N. Agenda 21, but it’s not clear to me from your comment where either candidate stands on that whole thing.

      Mr. DuPree certainly does seem quite intelligent and definitely appears to have Mississippi’s best interests in mind; it’s doubtful the “Sun Herald” would have endorsed him otherwise. What exactly has he done that has you worried? How is it being handled by the Governor’s office (presumably the way Mr. Bryant would handle it as governor, I’m guessing)?

      • To best answer your question I have to refer you to web sites.

        This site demonstrates concerns Americans have with the Agenda 21 that Mayor Dupree is promoting.

        You asked, “What exactly has he done that has you worried?” Documentation of Mayor Dupree signing Hattiesburg up for United Nations destructive projects.

        Democrats are AGAINST Agenda 21 this transcends all political lines.

        Am so glad you are willing to look into Agenda 21 further because this is the most critical issue ever facing America and Mississippi. I am not sure if Dupree is a willing participant or is just unaware. Community leaders are willing because of the MONEY or don’t bother to know what they are doing.

        Am happy to say that when people like Dupree and Bryant become aware of the truth they work to pull their communities out of the UN completely. Then property values skyrocket because people like me want to live in a UN-free community.

        OK let me make sure I fully addressed your questions.
        Bryant is aware and is having dialogues with anti-Agenda 21 people no mater the political affiliation, and seems open to learning. He has spoken AGAINST supporting the UN programs.

        Dupree has been publicly made aware of United Nation’s plan for Hattiesburg but has shown no interest in dialogues. If he cared I would have hoped he would have at least reached out to get more information. I cannot claim to know what he is thinking, but his actions speak to me.

        Dupree publicly supports and promotes the projects of a foreign governing body intended to collapse America. You won’t know that until after you do the research for yourself. No matter how you vote please research Agenda 21.

        Thanks for asking and keep the questions coming. There is so much more to say.

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