Moonbase Alpha and a writing update

In the short story I’m working on, characters briefly walk on the Moon’s surface. I heard about the Moonbase Alpha free Steam game. Unfortunately, it requires more RAM that even my fastest computer has (I’ve got 3 GB, it needs 4+, and you’ll see why below), so I turned to YouTube to watch some simulations and at least get a feel of walking on the Moon post the Apollo program.

Well, I came across this video. He drops way too many F-bombs and s**t’s all over the audio track, but nonetheless, it’s worth watching both because it is funny at the start, when he starts out trying to riff it, and then it gets more serious. The human drama of it grabs you, and you are at the edge of your seat towards the end.

His exasperated question “what are we doing up here?” is a very good one, too. It’s not that there’s nothing up there. We’re up there.

And IMO, he wins the game (I have no idea who this is, BTW – it just came up in the search), even though he can’t beat the timer, because he keeps trying throughout, even as he’s saying, just to blow off steam while working, that he wants to curl up in a ball and cry for the remaining time.

Yeah, a very interesting “game,” is Moonbase Alpha. When I get the right equipment, I’m going to try it out, too, just for fun.

In other writing news, I finished the vitamin D article for Yahoo and submitted it yesterday – it takes a week or two to see if they will make an offer for it. If they buy, will note it in the Twitter feed.

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