Random Thoughts

Some of the most enjoyable columns I’ve read by professional writers are called “Random Thoughts.” Had a couple this morning and figured I would do the same.

Profound level

The reason why this whole debt-crisis debate is bogus is because the most salient interest group is silent. I haven’t heard any of those who ultimately are going to have pay for this expressing great outrage over it. And so I realize this is just another “high school cafeteria fight” from the Boomer generation – possibly the most destructive one over its several decades – as it faces life’s ultimate responsibility (to step aside) and realizes that the life-and-death cycle will not brook dissent, let alone rebellion.

The coming generations are staying out of this fight as they have probably stayed silent during all our paroxysms, like mammals unwilling to get caught up in a death fight between two allosauruses over a choice piece of meat. Survival instinct, that. And once again I realize the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in setting up something that could survive even the Most Spoiled Generation relatively intact.

Level of the not so profound but still interesting

Watched The Dark Knight again last night and finally realized how important the opening scene is in getting the viewer to suspend belief and engaging them on a very child-like level. Part of that, of course, is the shattering glass imagery, which goes on throughout the movie, but also try to count the clowns. There are six altogether, including the Joker. We are specifically told that at the beginning of the scene. Our inner child will then always keep count as the action unfolds , trying to make the numbers match…and will realize the trick that’s played on the viewer there, while the adult in us continuously misses it. It’s pretty neat.

Also, if you have seen the recent teaser trailer for next year’s Dark Knight Rises, in TDK we do see Bruce Wayne (he’s in street clothes) use his Batman voice on a group of police officers who have tape over their eyes and can’t see him. And perhaps the dogs in TDK, which Batman has a hard time dealing with and which soften him up for the Joker in their final fight, prefigure Bane.

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