Update – writing

Well, I’ve been very busy, doing a lot of writing (compared to before, which was nothing), and I’ve had one article published in Yahoo’s Associated Content and so far have maintained a 2-star rating (out of 5) on Helium. Not much time to blog. When I do get back to this seriously, I’ll probably revamp the whole blog. For now, the Twitter feed is probably the most up-to-date information.

I did get a camera to take my picture and associate it with my writing ID and also because Yahoo allows image uploads, and that’s probably a good way to boost hits. I’m taking a lot of pictures for practice and also for publication as images with Creative Commons attribution license, collected at Yahoo.

Nature kindly cooperated by sending a couple of severe storms through on the day I was trying out my Canon A3000IS for the first time, so I had to try the movie feature, too. There is now a BJ Deming YouTube channel and the first two videos are up (actually the second and third ever shot – the first one was pretty terrible):


I really sound like an idiot on those, particularly the second, so I will be very careful about the audio from now. The camera really has excellent audio pickup features. It also handles details in images superbly, for example:

A blade of grass grows in gravel at the base of a stone wall

Longer distances, not so much, although I was surprised at how well it picked out details of river reflections, even at a distance (pretty much across the width of the Mohawk River for this one):

Water birds lined up on a buoy in the Mohawk River with lots of ripples

Will do a separate post about the sourdough.

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