Update – cooking

The sourdough starter has been going along really well, better than before. I think it takes a couple months for a rehydrated starter to really establish itself.

We have had our first hot spell and I did refrigerate the starter without a problem. Just fed it in the morning, waited a few hours, and then set it in the fridge when it was bubbling really well. I was a little concerned that it would dry out, but that plastic lid on the Pyrex bowl fits well even when not clamped down. It was fine after a few days. About 36 hours before I planned to use it, I took the starter out, let it reach room temperature, fed it, fed it again about 12 hours later, and the next day made bread. Worked well.

I’m too lazy tonight to take a picture of the starter and upload it but will do so soon, and also one of the finished product.

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