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Gad, I am so tired. Very heavy work day, and then I wrote. Yeah! Published a contest article at Helium on the difference between the common cold and the flu. But there’s little time left for the blog.

Did make a batch of bread today. Decided to cut down the amount of starter in the batch, let it rise twice, and really let it rise a lot before baking it. Made a loaf and a dozen rolls (won’t call them biscuits any more: biscuits are a quick bread). It all came over very well – very light and a better texture.

Enough. To bed, to rise tomorrow morning (pun not really intended) and carry on.

Oh. A little political stuff. For a number of reasons that I’m too tired to go into, I like this statement by the 2008 Republican VP candidate (hat tip to Maggie’s Farm blog:

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