The Christmas Nor’easter and other notes

We got some 14 inches from the storm. Fortunately the intense cold didn’t come in afterwards; as a matter of fact, I got a little sweaty in my wool coat when I went out tonight. The snow has packed down to maybe 6 or 7 inches, and parts of the sidewalks and the streets are bare, not entirely due to salt effect but rather to warmer temperatures (and this just after sunset!).

The USGS Web cam had a beautiful view of the Cohoes Falls this morning:

Cohoes Falls (USGS Web cam)


This week marks the start, hopefully, of a concerted effort to do some rating every day, at least Monday through Friday, at Helium, and writing a minimum of 3 SEO articles a week. I only got one up there over the weekend, Facts About the Moon, and that was a spur-of-the-moment thing inspired by one of the topics that came up for rating.

It’s an interesting place. Yesterday I selected some topics, and got another one tonight based on a rating topic, and this is taking me everywhere from Batman Begins references through tornadoes and lightnings to the philosophic controversy between Newton and Leibniz/Kant over the existence of time. Writing is enormously interesting. If only I were independently wealthy, or massively successful, and could devote all my time to this sort of stuff. Well, the former isn’t happening and the latter is just faintly possible if I really buckle down and work and also have a lot of luck.


I haven’t been spending a lot of time babying the starter. Much of the reason for this has been lack of time, between work demands, a high stress field, and a mild cold, but some of it has been intentional, too. I noticed that I could let the starter go for 24 hours without having it start to go anaerobic (producing a fluid on top of it). This is probably due to the cold weather, as it’s certainly lively enough during baking. I haven’t been keeping precise notes but went as much as 36 hours perhaps, and this even when the starter was refreshed without cleaning out the bowl and resterilizing it.

Babying the starter goes through a lot of flour and distilled water and bleach, as well as time, and it is good to know that I can cut that in half without destroying it. However, the best results come from the twice-a-day, cleaned-out-and-refreshed starter, and most of the time I will try to do that.

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