More odds and ends/keeping my hand in

Lots of demands in my ordinary work-a-day life as well as the ongoing stress field and a technical complication after installing digital phone service. However, I did get going on the new SEO articles this morning, with outlines. I then planned to work on the superhero essay tonight, with the idea, after having seen Brandon Lee’s makeup in The Crow, of adding that to the mix, since it, too, was based on a graphic novel. After reading the plot, though, and with the added grimness of Lee’s death, I really can’t watch that movie. It certainly is clear where Ledger got his idea for the Joker makeup, though. And I did see a “fight” between Brandon Lee and David Carradine from the old Kung Fu series that was really, really sad, considering the Bruce Lee connection; however, that did give me an idea about heroes, and I may just include him in the article anyway.

Not much else going on. Made more sourdough biscuits today, and they came out well, even though I messed up and somehow shut off the oven after putting them in. They sat there for half an hour before I spotted the mistake; they rose very nicely. I turned the oven up to 425 degrees and baked ’em anyway, and it turned out fine. Bread of any sort gives you more leeway than fussy cakes and cookies. Whew!

Well, on to more unwinding tonight. Hope to get at least one SEO article up tomorrow.

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