Just keeping my hand in here

Today was a tough day in terms of just plain old daily demands: lots of work at the day job, including one of the most difficult dictators I’ve encountered in over 20 years of transcription; background stress (which I don’t write about as it isn’t timely just now); discouragement after going out into the cold weather and recalling how green the South is, even in winter time; just a whole bunch of stuff.

I’ve also developed an avoidance thing for writing. All writers do that, I’ve heard, and it is hard to overcome; everybody must find their own way. The SEO articles were not visited today. Of course I did transcription, with one break for an errand outside on foot, for about 11 hours. That left me in a frame of mind to just get online and consume mindless stuff and not produce anything.

First I had to reinstall the Linux system, though. The hacker gremlins have been busy lately…nothing catastrophic, but just the drip-drip-drip of little annoyances. I smile inside: even though I didn’t get my undergraduate degree, I took in enough geology in college to develop that patience, without which you can never read the books in outcrops and the encyclopedias written in landscapes.

Anyway, I got off line and toyed with the idea of just doing up the dinner dishes, throwing a little water and flour at the starter, as it was feeding time, and going to bed. Morning comes early and tomorrow is a work day. Didn’t do that, though — you can, and the starter does all right, but what really makes it thrive is the twice-daily feeding. I am planning on pizza Friday night and so want the starter to be in top form (basically, the pizza dough is the same as the basic dough, with some ground black pepper added, which is something I learned many years ago from Casella’s A World of Breads).

So I got all the cleaning equipment out (have to sterilize the tools and the bowls, etc), and took the top off the starter bowl. The starter’s fine, and looks the same as usual, but it has developed such a full, rich aroma to it…you just don’t get that without the twice-daily fussing. It was a nice reward for being committed to it, and an incentive, too. Glad I did that.

And that experience reminded me about keeping my hand in here, even when I don’t have much to write about. You never know when a commitment will pay a dividend, and cannot always know in advance the form it will take, but it is certain to come eventually, if you stay with it. So here I am, typing. And now…good night.

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