The Christmas Spirit: They Haz It

(hat tip to Maggie’s Farm blog, though this has definitely gone viral at well over 5 million views right now)

I realize this is probably much more theater than what we used to call a “happening” back in the ’60s. The sound is too perfect; the casual shots of performers and audience are too perfectly casual; and there just aren’t enough people singing to give that choral effect. Also, the business purportedly engaged in by the company that produced the video is just a little too specific (but quite charming).

It doesn’t matter. This evokes tears of joy–the true symptomatology of eucatastrophe (also, see JRRT’s On Fairy-stories, the speech/essay in which he introduced the word, towards the end); it brings one close to strangers with love and fellowship; in short, it’s a Christmas movie, probably made by and for the 5-second-film generation, and without the crassness, crudity, cynicism, and (can’t think of another “c” word here) darkness of the sort that my generation brought to entertainment way back when.

It doesn’t matter that this most likely isn’t reality, any more than it mattered that the audience knew from the get-go that a monster didn’t actually attack downtown New York City in that unusual love story, Cloverfield. It has verisimilitude (more on that word, chosen for its use in the Tolkien abstract that is linked above, in a future post on movie superheros).


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