Sourdough update

First, to follow up on that sweet bread experiment using the San Francisco sourdough starter, I ended up throwing it all away. It came out all right from the oven, and even had a bit of spring while it cooked, and the taste was okay at first. I refrigerated it, as I do all the bread, though I don’t know if that had anything to do with the unpleasant way the bread turned moist and just kind of yucky, without actually going bad. It’s hard to describe, because moist bread is usually pleasant and this was more like moist on the cusp of going moldy, without actually going bad. It wasn’t good at all.

The starter handled the heavy lifting (literally), but there seems to have been some kind of reaction between it and the sugars and fats, or something. No good. Will go back to making sweet breads (cinnamon rolls in particular) with a sweetened potato bread recipe adapted from an early 1960s edition of Rombauer’s Joy of Cooking. (Besides many other good recipes, she also has a very interesting take on French bread.)

Also, will have to go in and edit the basic sourdough bread post–forgot to mention the second rise, which adds quite a bit to the tangy taste and is very easy for this starter to handle.

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