A tough day today

Well, it was just a real hard day today all around. However, after getting online, I remembered the last movie I watched from Netflix because it had all the scary, bad, negative stuff in it, but also something powerful and good. Checked out YouTube, and yep, found a compilation of two of my favorite parts. Now, if you’ve seen the movie, fine; if not, you have to imagine a little bit before this segment starts. It’s late at night at an abandoned bus stop, and two little girls are waiting for the bus to bring their father back from work, because it’s raining and he had forgotten his umbrella. The bus comes; he’s not on it. They wait for the next one, and wait, and wait; it’s dark and rainy and they’re all alone. The younger girl falls asleep and the older one carries her. Then slow, heavy steps are heard coming toward them from somewhere out in the night. They’re so alone and vulnerable. We just see what the older girl is looking at: the ground in front of her (I’ll bet she’s too scared to do anything else). Then….

I love this. The Netflix version has Disney all over it and English dubbed in; this is a movie to own, and I will be sure to get the one with the original voice dialogue and subtitles (Hero [2002] is another movie that is better with subtitles than with dubbed voices).

It’s a better day now. Thank you, Hayao Miyazaki! 宮崎駿監督、ありがとう!(per Google Translate)

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