Update again

I just haven’t been able to write lately, but I also haven’t quit moving in that direction. I joined Helium, although my personal circumstances are such that I can’t explore its resources yet. When I do have the time and inner peace to write, I hope to start with two “dinosaur” articles — the completion of the one I was working on to publish at Scribd.com, and then a more commercial one at Helium. That seems to be the difference between the two: at Scribd, you can write your heart out; at Helium, you can learn the business and become a part of it. Nice.

The day job is going really well: I’ve gotten out of the training programs and am going full tilt now. I have to, as it was a real pay cut and I’ve got a lot of bills to pay just now. It was worth it, though.

Had one brief foray into politics on Twitter but I do try not to get into that. That’s actually been most of my writing experience over the years since I got onto the Internet — it’s easiest to do and there sure are enough “comment” venues, and then some. Once I started really heading towards writing, though, I decided not to do that, for a few good reasons: 1) it inevitably ticks off people and reduces the number who will read you; 2) over the years, your political positions evolve and you change your mind. Writing is something that captures a moment; butterflies on a blade of grass sort of imagery is what is in my mind just now. Political positions are like stones. They collect around your neck and inevitably sink you. And quite often, over time and with the accumulation of new knowledge, your position changes, sometimes dramatically, more often just a little bit, and if you take a solid position, you will get trapped in it or invalidated through it later on; 3) the political climate brought about by the Boomers is poisonous and treacherous. I’d rather hunker down like many other Americans and try to weather it out, just standing up for stuff that really matters in the longer term. It’s surprising how little such stuff there is…but there is some. It’s worth hunkering over and protecting in a messy gale like the current one.

I supposed the greatest argument against getting into political writing is the length of that last paragraph. There are good political thinkers who are also brief (and a select few who are both good and lengthy)–the Founding Fathers come to mind–but for most of us, self included, it’s a black hole for words. I only have a finite amount, and I can see better things to spend them on.

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