Talk, talk, talk…

…but no action (writing). The day job is going well–yesterday they did the unannounced audit and I did all right–but other facets of life are still difficult just now and require a lot of attention. I can’t write; however, I can watch videos to unwind at night, and in this way discovered Walking With Dinosaurs, the wonderful TV series in the late ’90s. This will definitely change the overall thrust of the dinosaurs article. I also watched Dinosaurs of Patagonia from 2007, and while that’s not at all in the Harryhausen, Jurassic Park 1, or Walking With Dinosaurs class (which is why it’s on Hulu only a couple years after its release), the dinosaurs kind of grow on you.

Generally, I think it was a good idea to stop watching TV in the early 1990s. Although it makes it difficult sometimes to talk with people who have undergone the 15-plus years of conditioning that I have not, it doesn’t complete rule out communication with them. But the cost has been missing a few excellent shows over the years. A very few. I can compensate for it. Walking With Dinosaurs is definitely worth buying on DVD.

Well, who knows when I’ll get back to the writing. When I do, will finish up the dinosaurs essay first and then return to Birchfield.

The month of March marks a full year since I first began to concentrate on a steady writing output. Check out the store for the results (some free previews are available in all those ebooks). The novel has changed my writing rhythm this year: it’s so demanding. However, it’s also so much fun. Ah fun. I remember that.

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