Another quick update

Well, life is really smacking me around lately. However, I’ve gotten about halfway through an essay on dinosaurs that developed out of a post I was making to one of the Usenet geology groups (this is the same thing that happened with What Newspapers Are Supposed to Do). I have also figured out the underlying dynamics of all the people involved in the Ted scene in Birchfield; I am still not quite sure exactly how to write it all out, though. After that, will have to finish off Jack’s trip around the lake, which may be surprisingly important to the overall plot (surprising in that I didn’t even know anybody was up there, let alone what effects they might have on the story), and then Chapter 4 is going to be ready to publish.

However, in the “day” world, some pretty major financial obstacles and problems have come up. I don’t yet know how much they will siphon off my attention from writing. Will see how that goes. There are some other complicating factors, too.

I did pass the two-week orientation period and formal audit for the new day job, though. Yay! Now, I just have to build up my lines. This week is my last week for the old “day” job (quotes used because the hours were at night).

I hope things do settle down after a while because Chapter 5 of Birchfield is going to be the big intense one. Its working title (working in my head, that is) is “Firestorm.”

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