Update on the jobs and “Birchfield Murders”

What time off I get seems to be taken up with rest for me and revision of the already written parts of the novel.

On the job scene, I did give my 2-week notice for the old job; starting in March, there will just be the one job, and truly a day job in terms of hours. That orientation and training is going well.

On the novel scene, I did sit down and work out the underlying business needed for the Ted scene in Chapter 4 of Birchfield, as well as looked more closely at how their religion is going to affect how Jack and Nancy handle the whole issue with the Pill and kids. After that, I was going to start the Ted scene but on my way in to it from the beginning of the chapter found some revision needs. And then I ran out of time.

You know, I don’t think I’ve yet reached 50,000 words; I’m definitely not NaNoWriMo material.

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