Just a quick note — life came up and hit me in the face, so to speak. I didn’t get anywhere near as much put down in words on Birchfield as I had hoped, but the rest of the scenes are clarifying in my mind. I hadn’t planned on Jack’s mother getting into this at all; as well, I met somebody up at the lake, and now Jack’s on his way up there to meet him, too. Fascinating how this all goes as the novel develops. In a sense (but only a sense), I’m not writing this: I’m just reporting what happened.

The new day job (which really is during the day) is going well; they seem to be happy with me, too. That is good. Now it’s time to start the old “day” job (which is on the night shift).

About the only other thing I’ve noticed thus far is that a lot of people spam blogs. But some day, somebody real will comment.

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