Day job light tonight; can work on “Birchfield”

Boy, it sure is depressing when the view stats graph bottoms out (BG). Of course, it doesn’t discourage me from writing. “Discouragement” is not a word in any writer’s vocabulary, although we’re mighty familiar with other words of similar but not precisely identical meaning. We despair all the time, for instance. Then we go on. It’s a very complex thing.

Anyway, there was very little work on the main day job tonight, so I have an unexpected six-hour time period open to work on the novel.

I must continue the one full-time job for a while, while training on the new (hopefully higher-volume) job. The old job hours are nights, as will be the new job hours, but for training, I have to be available during the day. I thought everything was going to hit at once with the new job, but they are very slowly and methodically moving into this, and since they are also very big and I am very new and insignificant in the organization thus far, it’s taking a while. They may be holding off until next month (new billing period, room on schedule, etc). Once we do finally get the orientation done, there will be an intensive two weeks of OJT work orientation during the day, during which I will also have to continue the full-time job at night. I’ve worked it out so I can get four or five hours of sleep per day, which is enough, short-term. Then, after that, the new people want me to work part-time for a couple of weeks, while I still must work full-time at the new job, which is going to be tricky as it all involves night hours; I’ve juggled the schedule a bit to allow for that.

The point is, fairly soon, my time is going to be all wrapped up in this. I may possibly be able to finish chapter 4 up through its end, but I don’t know about that Ted scene. It’s a little tricky. Will see how it goes.

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