Getting going

It’s a little difficult for someone who writes to establish a difference between that and blogging. If you write about writing, then you are basically just procrastinating.

The difference here is that this is set up to document the process of switching over from my day job (which is medical transcription) to a full-time writing career. That will have to be reexamined, of course, once I become a full-time writer, but that day is not at hand.

In fact, things have been chaotic and yet demanding in my day job over the month of January, and now I am going to have to devote my days off and other time to it for at least a couple weeks, most probably through most of the month of February. This means, specifically, that I am not going to be able to publish Chapter 4 of The Birchfield Murders on February 1st. Oh, I could cobble together something in draft form as I have it mapped out in my head (except for a rather crucial scene involving Ted), but I would rather hold off a bit and do it right.

So there we are, and tonight it’s time to get to work as an MT.

Before wrapping up this post, and for the record, as well as to give future posts a background, I am currently subcontracting more or less full time to a company in Idaho, and have been doing so since late 2007. However, work volume has dropped drastically in 2009 and I had to look for other work. For the first time in a 20-year career, it wasn’t easy to find, and although I looked most of the year and even tried out an online freelancing site (and in my excessive amounts of spare time wrote a lot), nothing came up until this month. I have just signed a contract with a Maine-based company but will have to go through a lengthy training process as well as give my current client at least two-week notice. Once this all starts going into effect (probably some time this week), I will have about five or six free hours in each 24, and in those, I must sleep.

Will try to keep up the blog through this, but it will not be possible to finish Chapter 4. That takes time. This is ironic, since I started this novel last November as my NaNoWriMo project (writing a novel in the month of November). More on all that later.

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